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Ford! it was too revolting!

Posted by: Emily Carroll
Book: Brave New World (purchase on Amazon)

A blubbered and distorted face confronted her; the creature was crying.

“Oh, my dear, my dear.” The torrent of words flowed sobbingly. “If you knew how glad – after all these years! A civilized face. Yes, and civilized clothes. Because I thought I should never see a piece of real acetate silk again.” She fingered the sleeve of Lenina’s shirt. The nails were black.

Sort of a bookmark going on this time, I think.   From Chapter 7: Linda, a Beta abandoned decades ago in the New Mexican “savage reservation”, is overcome with emotion when she sees Lenina (who is decidedly less thrilled about the encounter).


January 13, 2011 at 1:17 pm 11 comments

Melt in the music of the drums!

Posted by: Emily Carroll
Book: Brave New World (purchase on Amazon)

(click to enlarge!)

Feeling that it was time for him to do something, Bernard also jumped up and shouted: ‘I hear him; he’s coming!’.  But it wasn’t true.  He heard nothing and, for him, nobody was coming.  Nobody – in spite of the music, in spite of the mounting excitement.  But he waved his arms, he shouted with the best of them; and when the others began to jig and stamp and shuffle, he also jigged and shuffled.

Such are Bernard’s woes at the Solidarity Service he attends (which is essentially a socially mandated drug orgy meant to promote unity).  While the others in the conference room become more and more euphoric after drinking/swallowing/and eating (via laced strawberry ice cream) the state drug soma, Bernard becomes increasingly agitated and forlorn, fixating — as he always does — on his own perceived inadequacies (his size), as well as those he perceives in others (the girl beside him has a unibrow; the other is just ‘too pneumatic’.).

The dancers are supposed to be in a continuous circle around the table (twelve in total), but I wanted to leave the area around Bernard blank to really leave him isolated (because, despite his troubles, his general air of superiority, plus disdain for those things he secretly desires, makes him a not exactly likable person anyway).   And while it’s not mentioned in the scene, I’ve also given all the ladies their own Malthusian “belts” (or armbands, or garters), the items that store a young lady’s supply of contraceptives.

Hope you enjoy!

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Community, Identity, Stability.

Posted by: Emily Carroll
Book: Brave New World (purchase on Amazon)

“Embryos are like photograph film,” said Mr Foster waggishly, as he pushed open the second door. “They can only stand red light.”

And in effect the sultry darkness into which the students now followed him was visible and crimson, like the darkness of closed eyes on a summer’s afternoon. The bulging flanks of row on receding row and tier above tier of bottles glinted with innumerable rubies, and among the rubies moved the dim spectres of men and women with purple eyes and all the symptoms of lupus. The hum and rattle of machinery faintly stirred the air.

First of all: hi again! I’m really excited about joining the blog here, and very much looking forward to contributing more of Brave New World. A big thank you to Meg for giving me the opportunity (& to the other artists as well, for sharing such lovely things to look at)!

With this picture I’m going back to Chapter 1, where the reader joins a group of students taking a tour of the Central London Hatchery & Conditioning Centre. In the reality of Brave New World, the cultivation of humans is an industry, and everything about an person’s future is pre-determined at conception. Embyros are bottled, labeled, and occasionally stunted in order to slot them into rigid social castes (which, of course, they will later be conditioned to accept quite happily!).

Being rather partial to red in general, I thought this was a good place to kick things off. Hope you enjoy!

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