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Daniel Krall v. Robin Hood

illustrated by Daniel Krall
  • Who are you and what do you do?

I’m Daniel Krall, and I’m an freelance Illustrator and part-time professor at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. I attended college here in Baltimore and sort of stuck around, but I grew up on a small farm in Fontana, Pennsylvania (which is still inhabited by one Mom and one large and dangerously affectionate dog). I enjoy drawing and writing, the odd adventure here and there, and being habitually puckish. I’m lucky to be surrounded by lovely and talented friends who are kind enough to buy me drinks and tolerate my nonsense.
My personal work is nearly all tied to narrative. A good story is far and away my most favorite of things.

  • Why did you pick the story you chose?

When Meg asked me if I’d like to participate in this project I had a pretty serious list of candidates. As I started filtering through them, Robin Hood came to the surface as the best fit. I had a really idyllic childhood as far as location and potential for out of doors play. I was also fairly isolated and into pretending that sticks were swords. I spent a good amount of my time alone in the woods around our farm fighting off imaginary villains and pretending to be either one of the Knights of the Round Table, or Robin of Sherwood Forest. Also, I’d have to say that the illustrated Howard Pyle editions of both were one of my earliest inspirations and really steered me towards illustration as a career. Robin Hood is the grandfather of so many great fictional heroes, and I’ve always loved the mixture of melancholy, high adventure, and humor associated with him. There isn’t really one definitive version of the Robin Hood story (as it was originally passed by word of mouth and altered to fit the times), and I’ve read and watched a number of very disparate takes on it. I’m going to attempt a hodgepodge of my favorites. Hopefully the mixture will lead to the best version of Robin that I can muster.

I’ve known Daniel for a while now and am really excited to see him pull off Robin Hood. In fact, I can already almost see the illustrations in my head, it’s that perfect of a match! But that’s because I’m well-acquainted with his wonderful illustrations. Are you? You should check out his portfolio while you wait for his first piece February 18!

That’s it for today, but check back tomorrow for three new introductions and three old favorites!


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