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I will play the lute, and you shall beat the kettle drum.

Posted by: S.britt
Book: The Bremen Town Musicians (purchase on Amazon)

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When he had walked some distance, he found a hound lying on the road, gasping like one who had run ’til he was tired. “What are you gasping so for, you big fellow?” asked the donkey.

“Ah,” replied the hound, “as I am old, and daily grow weaker and no longer can hunt, my master wanted to kill me. So I took to flight, but now how am I to earn my bread?”

“I tell you what,” said the donkey, “I am going to Bremen, and shall be town musician there. Go with me and engage yourself also as a musician. I will play the lute, and you shall beat the kettle drum.”

Here before you, we see the very first meeting between Donkey and Hound. Such a historic encounter of two mangy musical masterminds can only be compared to such monumental meetings as John and Paul, Mick and Keith, Nasty and Dirk. In the pages to follow, Donkey and Hound recruit the two more shoddy and shabby sidekicks to fill out their crummy quartet; namely Cat and Cock. Do stick around in the coming months to see what sort of melodious mayhem these bucolic balladeers get themselves into… and out of!


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I can surely be a town musician.

Posted by: S.britt
Book: The Bremen Town Musicians
(purchase on Amazon)

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A certain man had a donkey, which had carried the corn sacks to the mill indefatigably for many a long year. But his strength was going, and he was growing more and more unfit for work. Then his master began to consider how he might best save his keep. But the donkey, seeing that no good wind was blowing, ran away and set out on the road to Bremen. There, he thought, I can surely be a town musician.

Like most children growing up, if that is indeed the direction you chose to go in, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Grimm’s fairy tales. One of my particular favorites was The Bremen Town Musicians, because all kids love performing animals (you simply weren’t a kid if you didn’t). Not only this, but they also manage to outfox and swipe a house out from underneath a band of bumbling bandits! Not bad for a bunch of feeble-minded musical misfits that their owners had long since put out to pasture.

As much as I was entertained by their lively barnyard antics, I admit I had all but forgotten the story until I heard Danny Michel‘s “Bremen” around 10 years ago. Even though the song is more about the northwestern German town than the actual fairy tale, I still enjoy them both equally (how’s that for fair?). So when I was asked to participate in Picture Book Report, naturally I decided to pick one of my favorite childhood stories and one of my favorite grownup songs. It’s like reading your cake and having it sing to you too!

So if you’d like to continue following along with the story, please come back every 3rd Wednesday of the month for a new installment. And if you’d like to tap your toe along with the equally inspiring song, you can listen to it here.

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S.britt v. The Bremen Town Musicians

illustrated by S.britt

  • Who are you and what do you do?

Stephan Britt, a former railroad model and model prisoner is widely known throughout the world for his wildly successful “Potato Ladkas for the Soul” self-help books which have been translated from the original gibberish into 67 languages in over 3 states and climbing. He first developed his zeal for drawing in childhood, in the course of a particularly extended bout of nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), which lasted close to 17 years. During this time, S.britt passed his days by drawing anything and on everything that wasn’t dripping wet. After graduating high school with full dishonors at the age of 26, he then entered the military and subsequently exited 4 years later with a purple heart and a prosthetic head. Meanwhile, he recorded a Top 20 hit single chronicling his time during the war, entitled “Nothin’ But Neck.” Later, settling in rural Conetoe, North Carolina, S.britt married his teenage bride and third cousin (whose teeth were twice removed), Ida O’Gratin, where together they raised anywhere from 5 to 11 children (citation needed). He continued to draw, despite his physical limitations and his artistic shortcomings, until he was discovered by a high powered publisher, whose birdbath he had gravely desecrated. After seeing his eccentric etchings, S.britt was immediately signed to a 50 book contract and ordered to repair the damage he had done to the azaleas and the family horse. Now 87 and in failing health, Mr. Britt continues to release a new book each and every week (except on leap years) and greatly looks forward to one day achieving the honorable distinction of being found not guilty by reason of insanity.

  • Why did you pick the story you chose?

There weren’t any big words that I couldn’t sound out myself! That and I’ve always loved lyrical livestock.

Well, if that bio didn’t hook you into Picture Book Report, I’m afraid nothing will. Check back on February 17 to see Stephan’s first illustration for The Bremen Town Musicians! And of course,  explore his beautifully fun portfolio, take a spin in his shop, and if you’re still needing more his Flickr is chock-full of interesting things.

Our last intro for the day is from the esteemed Daniel Krall. What’s he got in store for you? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

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