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He Made Things on the Ward Pretty Interesting

by PMurphy“[…] McMurphy had things his way for a good long while.”

The previous “Cuckoo’s Nest” post focused on a decision McMurphy makes. This post shows what happens when McMurphy takes over and Nurse Ratched steps back.

[…] After McMurphy was drawn out of what you might call a short retirement and had announced he was back in the hassle by breaking out her (Nurse Ratched) personal window, he made things on the ward pretty interesting. He took part in every meeting, every discussion-drawling, winking, joking his best to wheedle a skinny laugh out of some Acute who’d been scared to grin since he was twelve.

McMurphy continues to “accidentally” smash newly replaced nurse’s station windows. He starts a basketball team and while playing against the ward’s orderlies, he elbows one of them right in the face. He even begins talk about a fishing trip.

Inspired by the other P.B.Reporters, I wanted to try hand painting this one. It’s different to how I usually go about things and I’m still getting use to it. Also, I realized with all the characters in the book I should make a character map. I should have done this in the beginning but better later then never I guess. Thanks for reading!

Posted by: PMurphy
Book: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (purchase on Amazon)


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“Sorry, Ma’am”

“That window glass was so spick and span I com-pletely forgot it was there.”

Hi there!  My last post dealt with McMurphy’s internal struggle.  I think he had to ask himself if he would continue to be himself and the leader of the ward or submit to the institution’s rules and hope to be released one day.   Today’s post is sort of an answer to the question.

McMurphy is pushed over the edge when Nurse Ratched takes away the patients privilege to use the tub room as a place for them to play their card games.  She says taking away this privilege is in response to their disorderly behavior long ago, when they joined McMurphy in front of the blank television screen.   Nurse Ratched looks around the room asking if anybody has a problem with this decision and she returns to the nurse’s station.  McMurphy quietly gets up and heads turn.  He walks over to the nurse’s station and throws his fist through the glass window.  He picks up a pack of cigarettes that are lying on the other side of the shattered window and looks at Nurse Ratched who is terrified and brushing glass off her shoulders…

“I’m sure sorry, ma’am,” he said.  “Gawd but I am.  That window glass was so spick and span I com-pletely forgot it was there.”

It took just a couple of seconds.  He turned and left her sitting there with her face shifting and jerking and walked back across the day room  to his chair, lighting up a cigarette.

Sorry I couldn’t provide a more elaborate drawing for today but I wanted to post something since I missed last month’s post.  Mucho thanks for reading!

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Book: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (purchase on Amazon)

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I don’t seem able to get it straight in my mind…”

Hello! I chose to draw McMurphy deep in thought for this post because of a specific turning point in the book.  McMurphy is shocked to learn that most of the Acutes in the hospital are not committed like himself.   He freaks out, “Are you bullshitting me?[…] Are you guys bullshitting me!”

McMurphy doesn’t understand why they would stay in the hospital.  Billy Bibbit breaks down trying to explain to him why…

“You think I wuh-wuh-wuh-want  to stay in here?  You think I wouldn’t like a con-con-vertible and a guh-guh-girl friend?  But did you ever have people l-l-laughing at you?[…] Oh-oh, you -you t-talk like we stayed in here because we liked it! Oh-it’s n-no use…”

I think at this point McMurphy has to decide whether or not being the leader of the ward is worth him risking a release date from the hospital or a trip to the shock shop (electroshock therapy). Next month’s post will be the answer to that question.

For this post I wanted to take a break from the usual loud colors I’ve been using for these drawings.  I hope you like the drawing!  Thanks for reading!

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Book: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (purchase on Amazon)

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Cold Snow Wind

Posted by: PMurphy
Book: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest
(purchase on Amazon)

“I can smell the snow in the wind where it blows down off the peaks.”

Hey!  What’s new?  Is that thing that happened with that guy all straightened out?  Okay, good.

Well, last time, my drawing focused on the tension that is ever present between McMurphy, the patients and Nurse Ratched.  Chief Bromden looks on and cannot decide which side he is on.  He wants to see someone defeat Nurse Ratched and the Combine.  However, every time he has witnessed someone try, they end up in the disturbed ward or become one of the Chronics (the patients that are basically comatose and considered failures of the system).

I decided to show one of the quiet moments when Chief Bromden is day dreaming or getting lost in the “fog”.  He is sweeping along and a visiting doctor is talking with some of the resident boys.  The doctor stops to point out that the Chief is deaf (which he isn’t, it’s just an act).  Chief Bromden says, “He gives me a look like I’m some kind of bug.”  Ignoring the doctor and his subordinates, he walks up to a painting and imagines that he is in the landscape, experiencing the fresh air and calm surroundings.

Hope you enjoy!

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